Clipping images from their background at low costs.

Easyclipping.com isolates your images from their background at low cost. We use hand-made Photoshop clipping paths or masking techniques for excellent results. Isolated images can be placed on any new background (colour). Ideal for use in catalogues, websites etc. Try us!



Low cost
From € 1,95 per image.

High quality
We use hand-made clipping paths for optimal results.

Pay per picture
We do not work per hour. You will know the cost in advance.

Let us do your time consuming work.

Cheaper than doing it yourself save 50% to 75% on your current costs.

Extra capacity at peek moments
Are you too busy?, we can take over the extra work.

Express service, within 24 hours we can send your images back.

Variable cost structure
No risk of high paid staff doing nothing when there is not enough work.